Ricoh 4504


Versatile Multifunction Printer: Equipped for efficient printing, copying, scanning, and faxing with a colorful output of up to 45 pages per minute (ppm). Also supports paperless faxing via email.

Smart Operation Panel: Features a 10.1″ wide touchscreen for simplified digital workflows. Users can download apps, create widgets, and complete tasks with a swipe or tap.

Automated Workflows: Capable of skipping repetitive steps for a streamlined process. Provides unique features like ID Card Copy and Easy Book Scan®.

High-Quality Printing: Delivers vibrant colors and sharp text at up to 1200 dpi resolution. Supports the printing of posters, banners, and other collateral on thicker paper stocks.

Mobile and Cloud Connectivity: Supports mobile printing and cloud access via the Ricoh Smart Device Connector App without the need for additional drivers or software.

Robust Security and Management: Features user authentication, print quotas, and remote administration with RICOH Device Manager NX Lite and @Remote.

Eco-Friendly Design: Energy efficient with low typical electricity consumption, automatic duplex printing, and scheduled shutdowns. ENERGY STAR™ certified and EPEAT® Gold rated.

Automated Document Finishing: Offers diverse paper handling options including an optional Hybrid Stapleless + Stapler Finisher.



The Ricoh 4504 is a multifunction printer designed for efficient printing, copying, scanning, and faxing. It’s designed to streamline your workflow, with a 10.1″ wide Smart Operation Panel that integrates multiple processes, simplifies complex tasks, and supports touch-based interactions for faster digital workflows. Users can even download apps and place them on the Home Screen as widgets to complete jobs with a single swipe or tap of their finger.

This device is capable of automating digital workflows, which means it can skip repetitive steps and get more done in less time. It even provides one-touch paths for unique features like ID Card Copy or Easy Book Scan®, and supports plug-and-play workflow software for even greater efficiency.

When it comes to print quality, the Ricoh 4504 doesn’t disappoint. It produces bright colors and sharp text at up to 1200 dpi resolution, and supports printing on thicker paper stocks for more versatility. Plus, with the option to add a Fiery® E-23C Color Controller, you can achieve superior spot-color reproductions.

Mobile printing and cloud connectivity are made easy with the Ricoh Smart Device Connector App, allowing users to connect to the printer without the need for drivers, utilities, or software. And with robust printer management and security options, users can sign in via passcode, billing code, or an optional NFC card reader. It also supports restrictions on specific features and setting print quotas to help manage printing costs.

The Ricoh 4504 is designed to be energy efficient, with a typical electricity consumption of just 1.8 kWh/week. It also supports duplex printing as a default, scheduling automatic shutdowns during off-peak office hours, and even encourages responsible printing through the Eco-Friendly Widget. Plus, it’s ENERGY STAR™ certified and EPEAT® Gold rated, so you know it’s eco-friendly.

Finally, the Ricoh 4504 offers a variety of automated document finishing options for diverse paper handling requirements, including the optional Hybrid Stapleless + Stapler Finisher that can handle both staple-free or stapled document sets, depending on the size of the job. Other finisher options are also available to meet unique requirements. This is truly a printer designed to handle any task with ease and efficiency.