New vs. Used Copiers: Which is Right For You?

Buying a copier is a big investment for any business. New copiers can often be expensive, but old copiers can come with unforeseen problems and end up costing you in repairs. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when deciding how to go about purchasing a copier.

Feature options

Copiers may seem simple, but there are many tertiary features that exist in many copier models on the market today. Features like advanced file management, automatic backups and copy sharing, and others can all be useful for certain types of businesses. When browsing the many options, consider what features will help your copier work for you. 

Upgrading and parts 

Another important factor for any major piece of technology is upgrading and repairs. Getting a new Copier from J&B Copiers means you get modern, cutting edge service and care for your Copier from day one. Buying a used copier might be cheaper initially, but it’s much more likely that you will have a difficult time finding parts and repair experts on older Copiers, especially those well past active warranty periods. 

Use patterns

If you run a business that requires an exceptional amount of copying, an older machine might be a more risky purchase. Copiers are much more prone to physical wear and tear than computers and other technology, so heavy usage will result in a higher frequency of necessary repairs and part damage. As such, having access to repairs and part installation experts will be of paramount importance.


Believe it or not, copiers are one of the most frequently abused points of entry for hackers and online criminals. Most hospital security breaches in the last few years were perpetrated through unattended copiers connected to the hospital network. New copiers are generally much more secure than older ones, and are easier to keep up to date. If your business involves any sensitive data, an older copier might be a serious security liability.

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