Top 5 Advantages of Buying Your Office Copier From a Local Dealer

The decision to purchase a new office copier is a big one, and choosing between a manufacturer-owned outlet or a local dealer can be overwhelming. To assist you in making this choice, we have put together a list of five key benefits of going with a local dealer for your copier needs. By the end of this article, you will have a clearer understanding of the options available to you, allowing you to make an informed decision and move forward with confidence in your purchase. So, why wait? It’s time to upgrade your office copier!

Why Local Dealers are the Way to Go

The common misconception that a local dealer would lead to a higher cost for office copiers has been proven wrong. There is usually no difference in price when you compare purchasing a copier from a manufacturer-owned company to that of a local authorized dealer. However, this is where the similarities end. Other factors set local dealers apart and make them a superior choice for acquiring your office’s copier.

Advantages of Working with a Local Copier Dealer

When it comes to customer service, shopping with a big box store or a manufacturer-owned dealer can be a frustrating experience. These businesses often have a high employee turnover rate, meaning you could end up speaking to a different person each time you need support.

On the other hand, local copier dealers typically have a stable team with low turnover rates. This means that you can build relationships with the same friendly and knowledgeable staff members each time you reach out for assistance.

Additionally, local dealers like AOS offer prompt and efficient solutions to any issues that may arise, particularly when it comes to billing. In contrast, attempting to resolve problems with a manufacturer-owned dealer can result in multiple transfers and extended wait times. Choosing a local copier dealer ensures that you receive the personalized and stress-free experience that you deserve.

Alternate Copier Sales Methods

When shopping for a copier at a manufacturer-owned dealership, sales representatives might push for the costliest model available, without regard to your specific requirements. On the other hand, local copier dealers offer tailored services.

Local dealers specialize in finding the right solution for each customer. They are focused on providing cost-effective, efficient service, instead of maximizing sales revenue.

You won’t be faced with the decision to pay for unnecessary features. Instead, you can expect a copier that satisfies your needs and fits within your budget. With customer satisfaction as their top priority, local dealers will do everything in their power to offer the ideal solution to each client.

Efficient and Budget-Friendly Repairs

Contrary to local dealers, manufacturer-owned dealers tend to be understaffed and therefore, taking a considerable amount of time for handling office copier repairs. This leads to long waiting times and limited coverage under the contract, potentially resulting in extra expenses.

On the other hand, local copier dealers offer fast maintenance and repairs, giving you peace of mind and avoiding additional costs. With a local dealer, you can obtain a comprehensive service agreement that covers all your needs, thereby keeping your office functioning smoothly without exceeding your budget.

Expansive Choices with a Local Copier Supplier

Limited selection is a common issue when it comes to dealing with manufacturer-owned companies. Usually, they only offer one brand, which makes it difficult to find a suitable machine that matches your needs.

However, local copier dealers offer a wider range of options from multiple manufacturers, including Kyocera, Lexmark, and Sharp. This allows you to have a broader choice of devices that can cater to your business requirements. By having a variety of options, you can find a machine that will not only increase your productivity but also meet all your copying and printing demands.

Support the Local Economy With a Local Dealer

Choosing a local copier dealer has a positive impact on the local economy. Studies show that a considerable portion of money spent at local businesses remains within the community, as opposed to a mere fraction remaining when a national company is used.

By opting for a local dealer, you help sustain the local economy as they utilize local banks and services. You not only receive quality customer service, but you also contribute to the growth of the local community.

The Final Verdict: Choose a Local Copier Dealer

There may not be a significant difference in cost between local dealers and manufacturer-owned companies, however, a local dealer provides much more value. The customer service is of a high standard and you have a wider range of options when it comes to choosing a copier or printer. Local dealers offer tailored solutions to meet your specific needs, and by supporting them, you are also supporting your local economy.

If you are currently working with a manufacturer-owned company, it may be worth exploring the option of switching to a local dealer. If you are not currently in a contract, consider reaching out to a trusted local dealer like J&B Copiers to purchase your next office copier. Contact us today for more information about copier and printer services!